Enterprise Rent-A-Truck

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Enterprise Rent-A-Truck

Late Thursday night, at about 1:00 am my girlfriend gets a phone call from an unknown number where a man explains that her son has been in an accident, but he is ok. After scrambling to find a ride, we end up meeting her son at the local emergency room where the paramedics have already delivered him. After a brief checkup, the docs send him on his way. Luckily, with no bumps or bruises and a prescription for soreness over the next few days.

The next day, my girlfriend has infusion treatment down at the Disney Cancer Center in Burbank – this is her last day of leukemia treatment from the last 9 months -- so we are desperately trying to find a ride and her friend offers to take us in the morning, now only a couple hours away. SAVE!

While we are at the infusion center I am on the net digging up the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car so I can get a truck rental. The weekend prior a friend had rented one from Enterprise and had great things to say. Plus, I have personally rented from them in the past and always had great experiences. I didn’t need some big mover’s box truck. I just needed a pickup truck to carry a load of handcycles and gear to the handcycling clinic I run for the Triumph Foundation. We had already planned this event weeks in advance and I needed be there.

Enterprise Ford during setupSo, on a Friday afternoon, once we were back in Santa Clarita I hopped a ride over to their local office and was met with yet another great sigh of relief. Tamara Hernandez, the local “Management Trainee” went to bat for me. On first run through, her system had said that they were not allowed to take debit cards for larger truck rentals. I expressed that I did not have a credit card and that I couldn’t just rent a Fiat 500 to carry the 3 handcycles and gear to the park. She explained the situation in more detail and the urgency to her manager and he decided to take the risk with me. SAVED AGAIN!

Ecstatic, we finished the paperwork and went out to the truck to go over it. I am not so sad anymore to say that it was a brand spankin’ new Ford F-150 Crew Cab. Now, normally I am a Chevy boy and don’t tell my C-20, but I really liked this truck, even if it was a F.. F.. Ford. The truck worked out so well for the clinic and days following, driving all over the place, putting nearly 500 miles on the truck over the week. I felt spoiled in the fancy new truck.

Triumph Foundation Handcycle Clinic

I have to give a big thanks to the people at the Santa Clarita Enterprise location, especially Tamara. She went to bat for me and I truly appreciate it. I can guarantee that I will bring my business back to Enterprise Rent-A-Car and will be spreading the good words and my story to those around me. It will never cease to amaze me how bending the rules a little bit to help someone else out can make a world of difference to that person. That little bit of going out of your way can completely change someone’s day.

If you find yourself in need of a rental car check out www.Enterprise.com and if you are in the Santa Clarita Valley area stop in and see my peeps (Valencia Auto Mall Branch - 24095 Creekside Road, Valencia, CA 91355).

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